51RY3YP8N4LBibliographic Information
Title: Tetris Worlds

Publisher: THQ

Game Details


Game Count: 6 variations

Game Summary

Tetris Worlds adds a story line behind the game of Tetris to add new interest.  Build jungles, pyramids and other worlds as you play.  You may need to learn to use the Xbox controls for this, but Tetris remains fun.

Critical Evaluation

Six variations of Tetris including: Hot-Linen Tetris, Fusion Tetris and Cascade Tetris.  Does not work on Xbox 360.

Reader’s Annotation

Tetris is still fun, even after all the years it has been out.



Curriculum Ties

User Interface Design and Tetris

Booktalking ideas

Build Your Tetris World

Reading Level/Interest Age
Interest Level: All

Challenge Issues




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