Cover ARtBibliographic Information
Title: Oh, Happy Day
Author: Gay Men’s Chorus and the Transcendence Gospel Choir
ASIN: B000V8K5MOLabel: Closet Minstrel Music
Copyright: 2004

Songs: 16

Copyright: (c) 2004 AMOR Music Productions
Duration: 4:31 minutes
Genres: Choral Music

Plot Summary
Sung in combination with the Transcendence Gospel Choir, this live recording, provides a model for incorporating story and song. The 16 songs are a collection of black spirituals, gospel music, and motown.

Critical Evaluation
An all men’s choir, filled with more bass and tenor produces a rich sound. Recognized for their choral quality, this group is worth a listen. This is a live performance and is not studio perfect but a provides a great example of a long choral presentation.

Reader’s Annotation
A collection of black spirituals, gospel music, and motown. You might hear a song that describes your own experience in life.

Information about the Author
The San Francisco Men’s Gay Chorus is the world’s first openly gay chorus and is often credited with creating the LGBT choral movement. The chorus was founded by gay music pioneer Jon Reed Sims. The group does not require members to be gay, but does have the mission of spreading social equality for LGBT persons.

Music: Choral

Curriculum Ties
Choral music

Booktalking ideas
The Sound of a Male Chorus

Reading Level/Interest Age
Interest Level: High School students interested in choral music.

Challenge Issues
Gay Chorus

“Tim Seelig, the Turtle Creek Chorale’s Artistic Director, Explains The Power of Harmony”. Buzzflash. Retrieved 2007-03-07.’s_Chorus


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