10001Bibliographic Information
Title: National Geographic

Publisher: National Geographic

Formats: Magazine or Digital, 12 issues/year

Magazine Summary

Known for its articles about scenery, history and travel to distant corners of the word, it is has been recognized for it standard of photography.  It is home of some of the highest-quality photojournalists in the world. It has featured colored photography in its book like format when the technology was rare.

Critical Evaluation

National Geographic is highly acclaimed for the quality of its reporting, writing and photojournalism. The quality of the publication itself remains unequaled.

Reader’s Annotation

The best of travel, science, exposure to the peoples of the world. National Geographic brings you environmental, geographic, and historic stories every month.

Information about the Publisher

The National Geographic Society has been involving people in the care of our planet since 1888.  It is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Its interests include geography, natural science and promotion of environmental and historical conservation.



Curriculum Ties


Environmental conservation

Booktalking ideas

Racing to find the Origin of MERS.

Reading Level/Interest Age

Interest Level: 14 and up

Challenge Issues






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