Seabiscuit - Movie PosterBibliographic Information
Title: Seabiscuit

Starring: The horse, really. But it also has Toby McGuire and Jeff Bridges

Producers: Gary Barber, Roger Burnbaum, Robin Bissel

Director: Gary Ross

Writers: Laure Hillenbrand, Gary Ross

Released: 2003

Awards: Nominated for seven Oscars, numerous other awards

Plot Summary

In a nation being crushed under the weight of the Great Depression, fearing an ascendent Hitler and Mussolini, the leading news of the day wasn’t politics, or Joe DiMaggio’s brilliant baseball, or FDR, or war.

It was a horse. And a rather odd-looking horse at that. Seabiscuit was his name, and he could run faster than any other horse in the world. Special trains were commissioned to carry fans to watch him race. The new-common merchandising tie in was invented for him – you could get Seabiscuit-branded wallets, gloves, hats, and various parlor games. Forty million people – one third of the nation – tuned into radio broadcasts of his races. In what was to be his final race, 78,000 people attended – a record for a sporting event not soon surpassed.

Critical Evaluation

A first-class movie that deserved every award it won.

Reader’s Annotation

Seabiscuit – the greatest athlete you never heard of.



Reading Level/Interest Age
Interest Level: Ages 10 and up



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