CoverBibliographic Information
Title: Shredded

Author: Karen Avivi

ISBN: 978-0-9918079-3-2

Publisher: Self-published

Copyright: 2013

Book Details

Formats: Paperback, Kindle

Page Count: 307

Awards: SCBWI Spark Award

Plot Summary

Josie Peters knows she’s hot stuff on a BMX bike. She’s just landed her first back flip at the local skate park; none of the boys can do that yet. Life bites back, though – she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her.

Instead of moping, Joise decides she’ll ride in the Ultimate BMX freestyle event the summer before her senior year. To qualify, she has to win a series of tournaments throughout the midwest, so Josie and her friends take off on a summer road trip where late-night parties, an intimidating mega ramp, and the lure of sponsorships spark friction between the girls.

Josie remains confident; she knows she can handle road trips as well as back flips, but when Josie’s best chance for success depends on her relationship with flashy rider R.T. Torres, she has to decide what she’s trying to win, who and what she loves, and how much she’ll sacrifice.

Critical Evaluation

Widely praised as both a great read and a role model, “Shredded” sets examples but doesn’t preach or talk down.

Ideal for fans of realistic young adult fiction, “Shredded” features a strong female lead character who goes after what she wants by taking action. There’s a themr running through the tale; girls are multifaceted, and they shouldn’t just be looked at as either girly, manly, nonexistent, or in the way.

Readers don’t need to be familiar with BMX or extreme sports to be caught up in the adrenaline rush of Josie’s tricks, wipeouts, and wins.

Reader’s Annotation

Can you handle this highly motivating, take—it-to-the-limits story of feminism, friendship, sexism, and sibling rivalry?

Information about the Author

Like her characters, Karen Avivi enjoys an active, outdoor lifestyle. Since her discus and shot put throwing days in high school, she’s always been intrigued by fringe sports including surfing, skydiving, scuba diving, stunt classes, winter camping, orienteering, mountaineering, mountain biking, and archery.

Avivi says of herself, “I love to be outside. It’s not the best trait for a writer, but I make it work by using research as an excuse to travel and try new things. I’ve tried surfing, skydiving, scuba diving, stunt classes, archery, winter camping, orienteering, mountaineering, mountain biking and backpacking. I attempted a bike ramp once for BMX research, but it didn’t end well. Once I got to hit my head against the wall of a padded cell in a jail tour on a police ride-along. I didn’t actually have a character in mind for that experience; I just wanted to try it.”

She spent her childhood in Concord, Massachusetts where she learned to swim in Walden Pond, and attended Alcott Elementary school. She spent her teen years in the Chicago suburbs, then graduated from the University of Illinois. After college, she moved to Montreal where she writes her novels and freelances. When she’s not reading or writing at home in Montreal, Karen is probably planning a new adventure.



Curriculum Ties


Booktalking ideas

Should kids spend so much time and energy on a hobby instead of schoolwork?

Reading Level/Interest Age
Interest Level: 12 and up

Challenge Issues

Sex, the temptation of drugs (though declined)



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