MM526_C1_LEGO_thumb_52f90751219247.20611733Bibliographic Information
Title: Mad Magazine

Publisher: DC Entertainment

Book Details

Formats: Monthly Magazine


Plot Summary

The magazine often features parodies of American culture. It is a magazine of social commentary and typically is critical but balanced – criticizing everyone equally.

Critical Evaluation

Mad magazine is credited with filling a void in political satire in the 50’s to 70’s when magazines were the widely dispersed media form. The rise in cable TV and internet have diminished its influence, but its impact can still be seen from references to Mad on The Simpsons. Its crudeness may appeal to boys.

Reader’s Annotation

Mad magazine is an American humor magazine founded in 1952. It initially launched as a comic book and has had significant impact from its satirical humor and has become a cultural icon.


Magazine of satirical humor

Curriculum Ties

Satirical Humor


Booktalking ideas

This Month in Mad Magazine

Reading Level/Interest Age
Interest Level: 14 and up

Challenge Issues




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