cover artBibliographic Information
Title: The Lonesome Young
Author: Lucy Connors

Book Details
Jacket Design: Emily Osborne
Jacket Photograph: Getty Images
Page Count:336 p.


Plot Summary

Start with a meth lab explosion and throw in a relationship between good girl Victoria and bad boy Mickey. So the relationship isn’t likely to work but for better or worse, the two are pulled towards one another. There are class and status issues, two families that have hated each other for decades and is not about to end now. Is this a tragedy in the making?

Critical Evaluation

The book has been well received for its concept.  A good romance fed by family conflict is a classic plot. Structurally, the book may not be perfect but it is a tempest of a romance.

Reader’s Annotation

Described as “Romeo and Juliet meets Justified” on Amazon, this unlikely romance occurs between a proper, good girl home from boarding school and a bad boy rebel. What happens when a romance blooms between families that have hated each other for centuries is an eruption.

Information about the Author

Lucy Connors is the YA pen name of Alesia Holliday.  She writes paranormal romance for adults under the pen name of Alesia Day. She received the Romance Writers of America’s RITA award for excellence in romance fiction. She graduated from Ohio State University, then attended Capital University Law School where she graduated summa cum laude.  She practiced as a trial lawyer for a while before becoming a full time writer. She currently lives in Florida. She has two children.


Fiction: Romance

Curriculum Ties

Hatfields and the McCoys

Conflict Management

Tragedy and Romance

Scene – what makes for realistic YA?

Booktalking ideas

Romeo and Juliet meet the Hatfields and the McCoys

Reading Level/Interest Age
Interest Level:
Reading Level:

Challenge Issues

Adultery, Drugs




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